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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy.  Our privacy policy explains how we (Friendish Corp) collects, shares and protects your information along with who we share it with. This policy applies to use of our mobile application and website. Please make sure you also read our Terms of Use before using our (very fun) app or website to ensure you understand the legal and binding contract you enter into with us (Friendish) by use of the Friendish mobile app and/or website. If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy please get in touch at hello@friendishapp.com.


When you download our app we collect the following information including but not limited to, your name, username, email address, gender classification, DOB, sexual preference, pictures, location and login information through Facebook.

Additionally, we may collection supplemental information provided by you via our app, like comments, posts and messages sent to other Friendish users which you may send by using the apps chat feature. If you opt to receive text message notifications from Friendish, you consent to receiving promotional ads for Friendish (and our affiliates) approved goods and services. You may opt-out at any time by replying “STOP” to SMS messages.


The information we collect is used for the purpose creating a better product and service for you and helps us make improvements to the app based on data. We used collected information to monitor and assess users behavior, to send you confirmations, updates, alerts, support and administrative messages and to help prevent misuse of the app. We also use your provided information to respond to user inquiries, to provide custom advertising and to debit your account for ad spend when you choose to advertise to other users directly through the Friendish mobile application.


Protecting your privacy is our highest concern and under no circumstance will we share your information with any third parties without your permission and/or consent, unless required by the Federal Government to do so. By using our app, we are legally permitted to share your user information in the following ways:

For purposes of analytics to monitor app usage and user interaction with our data

Cookies, to make it convenient for you to use our app by way of storing your password, to show you relevant timely ads and for other undisclosed purposes. Ads and/or promotions on our site

may also contain cookies which we have no control of.

Occasionally we may store your activity across social networking platforms that you’ve used to sign up to our app with to deliver a customized user experience relevant to your interests and online behavior.


You may provide additional information about yourself to share with other users of our app in various locations throughout the application. Information you provide on your profile page for example, is publicly viewable to all other users of the app who come across your page. We have little control over who may view your page or public information you provide so please use caution when providing additional, non-required information about yourself.


Through ads on our site or in our app, you may click on a link that takes you to a third party website that is not bound by the stipulations of this Privacy Policy. These sites may independently collect information from you and share that information with us. Please make sure you have read and understand the privacy policy of any third party you visit via our application.


As a user of Friendish app, you may view and/or edit your personal information within our service at anytime by going to your settings page in the application. If you choose to delete your account with us, we’ll be sad to see you leave but will retain your user information for a period of time for the purpose of analytics and to prevent misuse our service as is outlined in our Terms of Use. Any information that has been provided to a third party by you as a user of our application may be subject to retention by those third party websites.


We are committed to protecting your information to the best of our ability but do not, under any circumstance promise that your information and user history through our app will always remain secure. Please use discretion regarding the information you share with other users in app. As a precautionary measure, please additionally avoid sharing highly sensitive information that could compromise your safety and security.


From time to time this Policy will be updated and amended. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to this Policy without providing notice to you. Any changes or revisions made to this Policy will be effective immediately upon posting on this site. Please refer to “Effective Date” for the last update made to this Privacy Policy. It is your responsibility to review this policy For questions regarding this Policy, send inquiries to: hello@friendishapp.com and include “Privacy Policy” in the subject line.