Summer Camp Continued!

Summer Camp Continued!

Remember the fun of summer camp as a kid? Of course you do! Now, we’re not recommending you go to adult summer camp, unless of course that’s your thing. But here are some remixes of your favorite summer camp activities re-vamped for all the kiddults out there because nothing says best friends like a friendship bracelet.

Macrame Madness


Macrame is about as millennial as succulents, only these beauties will survive your black thumb and general forgetfulness. A grown up version of arts and crafts means inviting a friend or two to a local macrame class. There are places all over that for less than the cost of a few pints at your favorite bar, will teach you how to make these boho wall hangings that go with pretty much everything.

Popsicle Party

A cool, icy treat in the middle of a hot day never gets old. Instead of grabbing an icy from a cooler that tasted like watered down Koolaid and only being allowed to have one, mix up some of your favorite adult beverages (smoothies included) and make your own popsicles to share. Invite (hopefully new) friends to bring their own variations to a nearby park and literally chill.

Field Trip

This is a no brainer but seriously grab your pals and take a day trip anywhere close by. Most of us live within an hour or two of some sort of natural or historic landmark we know nothing about, so plan something casual and close by and enjoy a day out of town with your crew.

End of Summer Soiree

Although you may have awkward memories of slow swaying with your camp crush (Bug Juice anyone?) at the end of camp social, an end of summer soiree is the perfect adult version of this. If you’re lucky enough to have backyard space, string up some lights, mix up some drinks, spin a few Spotify playlists and invite enough friends over (and maybe even a few Tinder dates) to get your groove on and say goodbye to summer.