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Merry Kwanukkah Gift Guide

Friendish staffComment
Merry Kwanukkah Gift Guide

Hey Frins.

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, make it special for the friends in your life! And speaking of friends, let’s all give props to the literal friend of the century who made THIS happen???! Yea, Mr. Anderson deserves an award. If you’re reading this fine Sir, let us know so we can thank you from now until the end of infinity. Amen.

Back to that gift guide. This is the Friendish list of the top ten things we’d love to get from or give to our BFFFFFFFFFFs. Keep shining kids! Xx

  1. Grown up bestie necklaces that are as beautiful as they are meaningful.

  2. Anything from Love Wellness. The Balancing PH Cleanser is Friendish team approved!

  3. These really pretty, silk-lined headscarves. This one is a favorite.

  4. Because the Queen of our hearts will always be Michelle Obama, these.

  5. A gift card to DoorDash, Seamless, Grubhub or your fave food delivery app, because some days WE LITERALLY CANNOT.

  6. If you’re the friend to spend. that. cash, you will be thanked eternally for these new year necessities.

  7. Rated as one of NYT best books of 2017, a different kind of American story.

  8. A set of four of these are super sweet for anytime of year.

  9. Wait, what do you MEME? Millennials rejoice.

  10. There is no one flyer than your numba one Stunna’.