Best Apps for Friends, Planet of the Apps Edition

Best Apps for Friends, Planet of the Apps Edition

Have you been watching the new Apple Music series Planet of the Apps??? You should be for a lot of reasons. Mainly because our founder is on it but also because there are some amazing teams and you get to see the behind the scenes of what goes into building apps and securing VC funding. 

As we were watching we couldn't help but think how many of the apps featured go hand in hand with friendship so here's a list of our favorites that you should check out too in no particular order.

1. Dote

Uhhhhhmazing. A mobile mall. All your favorite stores in one app. Why didn't we think of this? As much as we love the folder on our phone that houses Zara, Urban and Glossier, this is just hella convenient and smart. What's so great about it is that you can add your favorite stores, heart items, be alerted when those items go on sale (YES!) and make tons of lists for specific events like vacay, back to school or summer slay and even invite friends to contribute to those. For us it's the perfect marriage shopping and friendships, two things we love very, very much. 

2. Olivia AI

Even though we're on the waiting list for Olivia, she's well worth the wait. Olivia helps you stretch your paycheck by keeping account of what you're spending when. She learns about users financial habits and comes up with customized insights on how to help you specifically save more. The easy AI chat interface makes Olivia feel like a friend and someone (something?) you can trust right from the beginning. A major plus? If you invite friends you can skip a few places in line and start using Olivia sooner. Win. win.

3. Companion 

Safety first kids. Companion takes the "lmk me when you get home" text to a whole new level by providing pocket sized safety with their app. Users can select a friend or family member in their network to literally be a companion or accompany them on walks home, dates out or any place you may be traveling alone. Users can then set up alerts in case of suspicious activity. Friends have long played the role of on demand security for many of us. But with companion, really thoughtful features enhance the experience in an easy to use app.

4. Mend

Not only do we love Mend, but we love that it was born out of a personal need when founder Elle Huerta couldn't find a solution to mend her broken heart after a bad breakup. Our friendships provide a great source of support during any heartbreak, but let's be fair...most of our BFFs are not trained therapists and sometimes have a threshold for how much help they can truly offer. Mend provides customized trainings for those experiencing heartbreak and lets users see their own progress over time. There are lots of ways to have your heart broken and with mend, now there's a better way to heal. 

5. Friendish


BTW: Every app featured in this list is at least 50% women founded, so keep rocking ladies!