How to Staycation in Your City

How to Staycation in Your City

Summer means vacation and vacation usually means you’ve either saved or are going to splurge for it. For those who are watching their budget who want to enjoy summer to the fullest, there are still great ways to discover a whole new side of your home city without taking a costly trip. The best vacations are memorable because of the people AND the place, so make sure to include your favorite people while celebrating summer in your city.

A local, fancy hotel weekend

If you live in a midsize to big city, chances are there are some really great hotels in areas of town you may not frequent that are just waiting to be discovered. Boutique hotels can offer unique accommodations and typically have interesting backstories and significance to your city. They are usually nestled in historic parts of town which means great bars and restaurants are a stones throw.  Larger hotel chains may not be as custom, but because of their popularity can have discounted rates for specific weekends and tons of amenities that you can enjoy. BYOB, invite a few friends and order as much room service as you’d like! A favorite in our hometown is here.

Festivals and farmer’s markets

One of the best parts of summer is spending tons of time outdoors. Longer days and warmer nights means that day hangs transition to night more often. Summer festivals run the gammot from fruit picking to music, so Google what’s on in your neck of the woods and grab your gang for a fun festival focused on something you all enjoy. Do yourself a favor and Lyft there and back so no one friend has to feel the pressure of being the designated driver. We know farmer’s markets are nothing new, but working at one either selling your own goods or volunteering at a booth gives you the added bonus of meeting new people while doing something you like.

AirBnB in a neighboring borough

Ever wanted to spend some time in your city’s most exclusive neighborhood? Well now’s your chance! Instead of booking a flight to an expensive destination far away and having to worry about lodging costs, save the money and just book a posh place that’s a car ride away. We’d encourage biking around your borrowed neighby to really get a feel for what life is like on the other side of town. Visit the local coffee shops, parks and bars and remember your favorites to come back to the next time you’re there.

Life’s a Beach

Floridians stand up! Seriously, we are lucky to call Orlando our hometown because we are super close to so many incredible beaches-- it’s really not fair to the rest of you reading. If you are not so lucky to live close to the coast, consider visiting nearby lakes, community pools or even water parks. Treat yourself to a nice dinner (on the water of course if you’re in Florida) and if you’re really keeping it local, challenge yourself to pick some place that sources local ingredients for their menu.


Which friend has the best place? Tag, they’re it! Adult sleepovers can be just as fun as the ones you had as a kid, only there’s no bedtime and as many snacks as you want. Get your favorite take out and have everyone come over for a movie, to discuss current events (aka spill tea) or even for games. If there are enough places to sleep for everyone (there should be you picked the friend with the best place, right?) encourage everyone to bring their own pillow and blanket and have a fun night or two indoors. You can even wake up the next morning and make or go to a boozy brunch together.