Best Ideas For a First Friend Hang

Eek! You’re stressin’! You’ve chatted in messenger and feel like it’s a good match, but now it’s time to take things into the real world and where on earth should you go?!

Have no fear, we’re ready to help you find the best first hang spot. You see, a first hang is even better than a first date because there’s no pressure or pretense of romance. We could give you the same old ideas like ‘go grab a bite to eat,’ but skip the coffee shop this time and check out these ideas for fun, first hangs with a new homie.

Visit an animal shelter

If you’ve swiped right on dogs or cats, this might be the perfect place to meet up with a fellow animal lover. Visiting a local animal shelter gives you the opportunity to give back by donating old towels and blankets, feeding dogs and cats, and getting to know your new friend. You don’t have to feel nervous like you might just sitting across a table from a relative stranger. You’re both put to work, in action, helping animals in need. This setting provides conversation topics like which animal you’d most want to adopt, chatting about your pet if you have one, and why animals and their welfare are important to you.

Civic engagement protest, demonstration or speech

Is your city undergoing any big changes? Maybe it’s a local debate on developing a shopping center on wetlands, job creation or environmental protection, or maybe a discussion on keeping neighborhoods safer, community youth outreach, or so many other topics. A little digging online or even on a coffee shop pinboard can show you a variety of discussions, lectures, or protests that could be a wonderful opportunity to get to know your new friend. Learn about important community issues and your new pal at the same time and perhaps even discover future opportunities to continue progress on an issue you both care about.


Does a 5K need more volunteers to pass out water cups to runners? How about providing childcare during PTA meetings? Maybe try reading to the elderly at a senior center? Volunteering can be enriching to your life and help you get to know your new friend in a low pressure environment. You can chat in the water tent in between runners passing, use your imagination caring for little ones, or crack jokes with grandparents in the dining hall. These activities can provide you with a safe space to interact with a new friend while you enjoy a group setting, so you don’t have to feel like the spotlight is directly on you to entertain a guest all by yourself.

Something you both have never done

Add a dash of excitement into your first hang experience by trying something you’ve both never done! This is a particularly good idea as it puts you on equal footing as beginners. You often learn a lot about yourself and others when you have to try and not just do. These experiences frequently lead to humor, and hopefully great memories made, too. For example, if you had both never gone rock climbing before you could set up a lesson for your nearby rock gym. It’s pretty hard not to feel silly in a rock climbing harness for the first time, so you’re sure to laugh with each other rather than at each other because you’ll both be feeling silly together! That experience begins to bond you with your new homie.

Bonus: The Library*

I’ve heard it said that seeing someone reading a book you love is a book recommending a person. You have the chance to put that to the test by setting your first hang at a library. Explore old favorites and new titles too with your new pal and discover what they like, why they like it, and perhaps you’ll be ready to suggest a book they should read next. After check out time you’ll be ready to start your own book club! Your new friend can choose a book and you can read along together to discuss at your next hangout. Maybe even BYO wine next time, cheers!

*Friendish values our users and priorities your safety when interacting with new friends. We don’t recommend inviting new people into your home until they’ve been vetted, unfortunately it’s just too dangerous these days. Be smart, stay safe, and have fun getting Friendish.

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