Is Summer Travel Better Solo or With Your Squad?

As an experienced traveler, both solo and with friends and family, I know there are several factors to consider when planning your summer travels. Whether you’re heading to the surf and sand, a mountain retreat, or a foreign city you need to ask yourself, should you go it alone or plan to roll with your pack?

Ticket for One, Thanks!

When you hit the road on your own, you shed yourself of the responsibility of “being considerate”. You don’t have to plan your activities based on your shared interests, your time on vacay is yours to use how you and you only see fit. I love that I can sleep in if I want, roam aimlessly around a new city, and I don’t have to feel guilty or rushed when I read every placard at some obscure museum I’m probably the only person who wants to go to in the first place. If you’re feeling hungry between seeing the sites, a solo traveller can just go get something to eat with no conversation considering whether your travel companion is feeling peckish or where to go if they want Thai food when you’re in the mood for pizza.

I recall one day traveling in Rome with a large group and we went from restaurant to restaurant looking at menus because one person from our group specifically wanted gnocchi, by the time we settled on a spot we could all agree on, I was ready to eat the table I was so hungry (ok, ok, more like hangry at that point). But then again, I can’t remember a meal I enjoyed so much, we laughed so hard and stayed around that table gabbing and eating we ended up closing the restaurant down for the night.

The More the Merrier

Traveling alone can easily turn into traveling while lonely; it forces you to strike up conversations with strangers you might otherwise ignore, but sometimes you could really use the company of a good friend.

Before you and all your pals book a trip, it’s important to make sure you are compatible travelers. For example, when planning a beach trip, one friend who wants to wake up and get to the surf and sand early to post up on their beach blanket for the whole day is definitely going to clash if another friend would rather take their time and leisurely make their way to the beach for a bit before hitting up an activity or two in the afternoon. There’s nothing wrong with the second friend wanting to have a relaxing pace to their vacation, but it will probably irritate their traveling companion if the two aren’t on the same page.

Conflicts between incompatible travelers may be avoided when traveling in a larger group. Adding more people on one vacation can lead to multiple ideas for daily plans, but you don’t have to all do the exact same thing every day. Buddy up like minded travelers for activities during the day and maybe schedule a group dinner for everyone to join together and visit over some local cuisine. It is important that everyone communicates effectively so that no one gets left behind, misses out on an activity they’d like, and hurt feelings are minimized or eliminated.

Exploring a new place or visiting a favorite destination over the summer is a great way to bond and make memories with friends and loved ones. So get out there and go this summer! Keep in mind that everyone is a different kind of traveler and just because you don’t necessarily have the same travel style doesn’t mean you aren’t great friends. You can have a great vacay, just communicate honestly with you fellow travelers before, during, and after leaving home.

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