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Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard — Don’t mistake this young lady for just another Disney child star, Blanchard is faaaar from it. She may have starred on Girl Meets World alongside Sabrina Carpenter, Danielle Fishel, and the OG Cory Matthews, Ben Savage, but Rowan Blanchard has been challenging labels like “child star” her whole career, publishing a Tumblr post about feminist identity in 2013 and self-identifying as queer on Twitter in 2016. Now that the show has ended her insta features positivity for women and young people who are engaged politically. She hasn’t slowed down using social media to voice her opinion and educate her fans, including such big names as female director Ava DuVernay and Room star Brie Larson. Oh, if only we could hang with Ro for an afternoon… she’s truly a young face we can all look up to!

Simone Biles — Who wouldn’t want to be friends with this gold medalist?! She’s 100% herself 100% of the time, whether she’s leading her teammates (and besties) to Olympic gold, dancing up a storm on Dancing with the Stars, or melting at the sight of her celeb crush Zac Efron, we totally want to hang with this pint-sized powerhouse! Her Insta holds plenty of behind the scenes videos and pictures, and is heavy on the laughs. Seems like every day with Biles is filled with fun and most certainly a work out because hello, Miss Muscles — train us, please? Call us, Golden Girl!

Simone Biles
Amanda de Cadenet

Amanda de Cadenet— This British beauty is the founder of The Conversation TV and #girlgaze movement to put women in front of and behind the camera under the spotlight. De Cadenet is wife to The Strokes and CRX guitarist, Nick Valensi and parent of boy-girl twins with him (she is also the mother of #CoolGirl Atlanta de Cadenet with Duran Duran’s John Taylor, her ex-husband) and their LA-based life appears to be more sunshine-soaked than rock n roll. But don’t let the lightwaves fool you, AdC is a full on badass. Follow de Cadenet’s insta as she highlights the emerging female artists who can be the future of photography and join in #TheConversation. If we weren’t running our own company, de Cadenet would be our #1 dream boss, but we definitely wouldn’t mind joining her league of phenomenal female friends amplifying how girls see the world.

Jedidiah Isler — Isler may not be a household name, but that’s probably because she’s totally out of this world! Yes, Jedidiah Isler is an actual astrophysicist (and she’s got the TED Talk to prove it). Not only is she one smart cookie, she’s sharing her knowledge in accessible ways and blazing a path for women and people of color in STEM industries as she does it. Her insta takes us along on her journey as Founder and Host of #VanguardSTEM, “a live online community devoted to encouraging conversations between emerging and established women of color in #STEM”. Pretty cool, right? Here at Friendish we’re all about passionate women finding friends who care as much as we do, and Isler is as passionate as they come. She’s a kindred spirit in our book!

Jedidiah Isler
Nelufar Hedayat  

Nelufar Hedayat— Born in Afghanistan and raised in the UK, Nel began life as a reporter by filming a BBC special taking her back to her native country for the first time since her childhood. This documentary sparked her career as a globe trotting investigative journalist uncovering the depths of human trafficking on her own show, The Traffickers on Fusion TV. Nel is curious and adventurous so it’s easy to see why we want to be pals with her and fight the good fight to protect girls from trafficking.

Laverne Cox — Fans of Orange is the New Black know Cox as fierce-hearted hairstylist and inmate Sophia, but Cox has transcended her cultural role as an actress, rising to become a leader of the trans movement. Judging from her IG feed, we would love to be friends with Laverne. Filled with gorgeous snaps delivering realness on the reg and behind the scenes videos, Cox’s insta is so damn pretty, but it’s the captions that really move us. Take for example this excerpt from #TransDayOfVisibility:

“As an out, visible, black, transgender woman everyday is #TransDayOfVisibility for me. My blackness, transness and womanhood are political, social and historic realities. But my spirit, my soul, my humanity transcend these identity categories. As an artist I have always yearned for transcendence. Today I continue to do the spiritual work towards that transcendence. But the political, social and historic realities of the multiple identities I inhabit, continue to affect how I and people like me move through the world and access space and resources.”

Gah! Our hearts! She then goes on to ed.u.caaaate followers on the violence and danger trans people face today and how to be a part of the change to make the world a safer and better place for all. Preach on, girl, we love your beauty inside and out! https://instagram.com/p/BSTnMM9g7AB/

Laverne Cox
Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling — Renowned international journalist (and The View alum!), Ling is a firm believer in education by travel. Through her CNN docuseries “This is Life with Lisa Ling” we’re learning along with her as she interviews ordinary, Americans and uncovers outstanding stories on unusual and thought-provoking topics such as inside the largest jail in the country, how new technologies are changing law enforcement, and goes in the cage with female MMA fighters. Her insta feed is filled with envy-inducing snaps of exotic locals and beyond adorable pics of her two young daughters, Jett and Ray, with husband, Dr. Paul Song. Lisa Ling is our smart friend we just want to learn so much more from her. Lisa, book us a plane ticket and take us with you!

Livia Firth — Founder and Creative Director of Eco Age and the Green Carpet Challenge, she’s a champion for sustainable fashion. We wish we could pull off rewears as well as her and dream of being the kind of BFF who swaps clothes for a night out. Plus, she’s been married to the Mr. Darcy, Colin Firth, since 1997 and mother to two of his children, perhaps she can impart some wisdom in the happily ever after department?Come for the gorgeous clothing, stay for the education in empowering the future of sustainable fashion!

Livia Firth

 Zendaya — Zendaya may name Beyonce as her biggest inspiration, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be the single-named songstress inspiring the next generation, singing, dancing, acting, and voicing her opinions with grace and poise. Z is the picture of class, rising above controversy with E! Stars Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne over her wearing dreadlocks on the red carpet, she took the high road and used what could have been an awkward moment into a teaching experience to share with fans her culture and personal history as a biracial young woman. More recently she cameoed in Queen B’s Lemonade visual album and used her voice and friendship with Michelle Obama to advocate for worldwide educational improvement for girls. With friends like that, how could we not want to chill with this radiant, rising star? Dopest chick in the game, guys!

Eva Longoria — Many first recognized Longoria as one of Wisteria Lane’s chic yet cunning Desperate Housewives, but turns out she’s neither desperate or a housewife! Longoria has grown her acting career into an even larger role behind the camera as an in-demand producer and director. But one of her biggest pursuits is philanthropy to raise representation and visibility for the Latinx community. The Texas native is proud of her Mexican heritage, she even went back to school for a Master’s degree in Chicano Studies in order to better serve her work with Mexican Americans, migrant workers, immigrants, and furthering educational support systems for first generation Americans. Her insta also heavily features her family life with husband Jose Antonio Bastón and his kids as well as her clothing line. Generally, it has us wishing we could look so good while doing such good. She’s Bestie material for sure!

Eva Longoria

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